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Partner with us

Clever enterprises partner with HungryHungry to deliver unforgettable food and beverage experiences to their customers, and empower vendors or tenants with tools that make business soar.

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Tools that will make 
your business soar

  • Stable performance at scale
  • Efficient service delivery
  • Impactful results
  • Robust data and security
  • Easy implementation and use
  • Built in COVID-safety features
  • We’re always evolving with your business
HungryHungry Digital Menu Desktop Interface: Tottis Bondi

Offer consumers multiple ways to experience food and beverage.

HungryHungry reporting and insights dashboard for venue owners

Your own branded food and beverage marketplace where you control how you or you and your different sites, tenants or vendors deliver to them.

  • Digital Menu
  • Order@Table
  • Collect@Counter
  • Room service
  • Drive-Up
  • Pickup
  • Delivery

Work with an industry leader to evolve your 
customer experience to the next level

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Made for your industry

From accommodation to multi-site restaurants and pubs, airports, retail precincts or shopping centres, commercial buildings, festivals, events, arts and entertainment.


Flexible rollout and features

You control how you want to introduce HungryHungry’s multi-solution production to your sites and customers.

  • Freedom to turn features on or off
  • Roll out one location at a time, or all at once. It’s your choice
  • Control customer experience from one centralised platform
Customer Experience

Give customers more value

Create seamless experiences for your customers, every time. Make your brand unforgettable.

  • Safely gather insightful data for smarter decision making
  • Always be in the right time and the right place with smarter marketing
  • If you’re multi-tenant, offer a win-win for both customers and vendors
HungryHungry Enterprise Venue: Live at the Bowl

As we welcomed them back to our iconic venue for a season of unique experiences. HungryHungry’s commitment to customer service during these unprecedented times has been nothing short of impressive.

HungryHungry Enterprise Venue: The Epicurean

Very professional team with quick easy on boarding due to their customer support.                                                                                                                              

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Get support that 
goes further

Access experienced, dedicated and reliable local specialists who are responsive and insightful.

  • Work with a team that goes above and beyond to make rollout a success
  • Your support team is always available to act quickly to solve any challenge
  • A robust service approach that boards and leadership groups can trust
  • On-site presence, training and support throughout all launches
Risk management

A wise choice pays off

Whether you’re in operations, marketing, finance or IT, we ensure every stakeholders concerns are addressed.

  • Work with a team who has rolled out scalable solutions, safely
  • Accelerate innovation without risking major infrastructure costs
  • Choose a solution backed by enterprise-level security

Grow your brand sustainably

We give you the tools you need to leverage and grow your brand

  • Brand-friendly site colours
  • Messaging customised to your brand tone of voice

Start with a proof of concept

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Frequently asked questions

Is HungryHungry secure?

HungryHungry uses a secure AWS infrastructure for hosting services and data. Your data is yours, and only you can access it.

Is HungryHungry scalable?

HungryHungry is built on a scalable technology stack that allows thousands of orders to be processed simultaneously. Performance and scalability is at the core of what our engineers do.

Does HungryHungry provide proof of concept if required?

We have worked on various proof of concepts, and will be led by you on the speed of rollout you require. Given we are a multi-solution platform, we support this process by facilitating a supportive feedback loop to ensure a successful rollout that is robust, enjoyed and trusted by operational teams and consumers alike.

Will HungryHungry respond to an RFI or tender process?

We are experienced in navigating through tender processes of various shapes and kinds and will work with your various stakeholders to understand and provide you with the full details you require to make the most informed decision that suits your enterprise, clients and consumers.

How does HungryHungry work with vendors or tenants?

We understand that there are often detailed and delicate relationships that exist at an enterprise level, and we work hard to support your existing supplier agreements and intricacies. We endeavour to find a solution that fits both an enterprise and its vendors in turn. In short, we make sure the end consumer loves every new experience while keeping each vendor happy and engaged, every step of the way.

What happens once an enquiry is made?

Once you request a demo, one of our enterprise specialist team members will contact you within 24 hours. In the first meeting we’ll ask you a lot of questions to understand your needs, and help you understand how HungryHungry could work for your particular business scenario or use case.

From that point, we may recommend a proof of concept (this is generally not possible for events). This is where we run HungryHungry at a trial site before rolling out to all your sites, so we can document and work through the operational nuance together.

We’ll put together a proposal and business case that helps you to articulate the value of HungryHungry at a senior leadership level, and clearly communicate the benefits to your internal stakeholders.

In any staged roll out, you’ll collaborate with a dedicated team at HungryHungry to ensure the best possible outcome.