Why HungryHungry

As Industry Leaders in Contactless Ordering, HungryHungry is the only platform that can consistently unlock the evolving dining experience for guests who want addictive, fork yeah food moments every day.

Why Venues Are Hungry For HungryHungry

  • You control everything
  • You get access to all the data
  • There are no lock in contracts
  • You control COVID-19, not the other way around
  • You choose how you operate (contactless table ordering, in-venue pick-up, drive-up contactless delivery)

“sensational every step of the way”

Your team has been sensational every step of the way. Working through sales contracts through to the onboarding process – we could not have asked for a better partner. The team have all been patient, enthusiastic, understanding and prompt.

~ The Star Group

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Why Your Customers Will Love HungryHungry

  • Delectable photos of your food
  • COVID friendly - for all their social distancing needs
  • Not another app to download
  • Share feedback with you directly
  • Filter your menu by their dietary needs
  • Frictionless ordering that's fun for everyone
  • Greed is good! Customers order what they want, when they want it
  • Get clear updates with SMS communication from you

“Such a great platform”

Used at Grand Trailer Park. Such a great platform, so much easier especially in a group, everyone can order and pay separately but food comes at the same time. Very efficient and simple to use.'

~ Lauren Walker

Host a yummier dining experience

Deliver what customers have an appetite for, when they want it

AAt a time when the world has been turned upside-down, create immersive and flavour-rich digital experiences that keep customers engaged with your brand, without selling your old Tazos collection to pay for it all. Sell home-cooked meals for delivery after-hours, create one-night chef specials with limited orders, add a new dish a day. The HungryHungry platform gives you the freedom to do you, Boo.

Automate without killing the romance

Apart from great food, great staff are the reason people come back. HungryHungry automates the not-so-fun repetitive tasks, without taking away the human connection so you can blend the right staff to customer mix. Give them the chance to be the real #hospoheros and set the mood at your venue.

A digital menu you've only dreamed about

Showcase scrumptious photos of your food and bev, manage sold-out items, create different menu sections, trigger the sections by time of day so no one gets cranky when they order something they can’t have, and add surcharges for public holidays. If you cater for international audiences, auto-translation is built in too.

HungryHungry is your newest team member. It's tech that servers you, not the other way around.

ROI you can count on

Digital ordering = no more order Fork Ups

To be fair they ordered a short black, half-diddle soy-latte with a dash of almond milk delivered separately on the side. When your customer controls their order, you get 100% order accuracy through to your kitchen, no holds barred.

Up-sell 100% of the time without the pressure

Do cool financy-things like increase spend per head and sell more through the power of HungryHungry's digital menu. Pop those high profit menu items in prime real estate, add connected upsells to menu items, highlight specials and more.

Faster table turnaround + happier customers = a win-win all round!

Speed up table turnaround naturally without making people think you’re a bit of a nob. HungryHungry does all the dirty work here. No more lining up to pay, give customers the choices to split bills if they want to, and accommodate unexpected surges in guest numbers without needing extra staff.

Feed your business with real time information

Instant, private feedback from customers

HungryHungry tells you what your customers want next. Get discreet guest feedback so you get the whole truth and nothing but the truth, without your dirty dishes being forever stamped in a public forum. Use crucial feedback to stay ahead of new menu creation, staff training, and learn more about what your customers need and want.

Find new opportunities to grow

Leverage insights on your customers, when they’re ordering from you, what they're eating and drinking and where they come from. In a totally, un-stalkerish way, we promise.

Keep 'em coming back for more

Take your marketing, product development and business profitability to the next level with complete control over the contact details of every person who uses your digital menu. It’s a goddamn miracle. Build deeper relationships and reward your best customers. Use HungryHungry data to send out offers and target different groups of people - from locals to destination diners.


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