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How HungryHungry supports local restaurants

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There’s no doubt that many local restaurants are doing it tough right now. COVID-19 outbreaks, confusing restrictions, lockdowns and difficulty finding staff are just some of the challenges that 2021 is throwing at local food businesses.

But here in the Hospo industry, we’re renowned for finding creative ways to support each other. Think menus bursting with local food and produce, or takeaway meals perfectly paired with local craft beers. Communities have stepped up too with initiatives like #takeawaytuesday and locally-based live lists promoting restaurants offering takeaway or delivery during lockdowns.

Here at HungryHungry, we’re rolling up our sleeves and helping our local Hospo heroes with practical, timely support that helps you succeed in these challenging times.

Our founders Shannon and Mark spent 20 years building point of sale systems that get orders flowing, payments processed and hungry people fed before the hangry sets in. We know how unforgiving the Hospo game can be. Here’s how we can help.

Create beautiful digital menus without knowing a word of code

Screen Shot 2021-09-27 at 10.20.32 am

The last thing you want to be doing after hours is trying to build
a website or wrangle complicated digital menu updates.
At HungryHungry, we do it all for you. Pivot to digital without
the stress. No code, no worries.

We take your existing menu or integrate your POS system to create a stunning, fully-branded custom website. It’s a direct line to deliciousness that makes ordering a breeze for customers and works with your existing operations. Our online menu maker makes it easy to add or change items even if you’re not tech-savvy.

Check out the enticing restaurant digital menu we built for Mr Wong with trending items featured and easy navigation. The delectable images make their food look good enough to eat right off the screen!


In Hawthorn, the Vaporetto Venetian Bar and Eatery is killing it with their online winter dining packages, seasonal cocktails and ready to eat meals. It’s almost impossible to choose between their tantalising options showcased with stunning photos and mouth-watering descriptions.

Screen Shot 2021-09-27 at 10.40.54 am

  • Update menus and sold outs in real-time.
  • Use one platform for Order@table, pick-up, drive-up and delivery.
  • Easily transition back to table service with contactless menus and ordering.
  • Make more moolah with our built-in tip function.

“The HungryHungry platform is the ultimate restaurant accessory, it really puts the power of our menu in the hands of our customers.”
– Dani Zeini, Royal Stack Melbourne.


A fraction of the fees charged by the big players

HungryHungry is the stock for your business soup. It centralises and simplifies ordering, marketing and customer feedback.

At HungryHungry, we only make money when you do. There are no hectic commission fees and no lock-in contracts.

The cherry on top is you get to set delivery fees. If your business is hanging on by a thread, the last thing you need is meal delivery services taking a huge percentage of your profits.

Bring delivery in-house and encourage customers to order directly from your website. Say goodbye to complicated percentages and additional online fees. Say hello to a simple percentage per order.

HungryHungry can work with all major online payment systems, including ApplePay, GooglePay, PayPal and credit cards. We’re friendly like that.

  • Ditch the big guys and take control of your local food delivery service.
  • No more chunky delivery commissions.
  • Set delivery fees based on suburb or postcode.
  • Power pre-ordering so fans can order pick-up or delivery when it suits them…and you.

“The biggest thing you can do for your customer is to make them feel safe. We do everything we can to protect our customers and staff, using technology like HungryHungry that enables contactless ordering and low-contact collection.” – Guy Turland, The Depot Bondi.

Throttle orders so your kitchen isn’t overwhelmed at peak times


With HungryHungry, you can keep the kitchen happy by setting limits on order numbers at busy times.

Set the number of orders per time window slot based on capacity. Once a time slot fills, it will disappear, encouraging customers to choose a less busy time. Different throttles can be added for each day of the week, or used only at peak times.

Kitchen getting smashed like avocados at Sunday brekky? Instantly switch status from available to “order for later”. Pick-up, drive-up or delivery customers can view your status when visiting your digital menu.

  • Create separate throttles for pick-up and delivery.
  • Customise throttling based on days of the week.
  • Quickly delete and create new throttles.
  • Switch off throttling in real-time.

“HungryHungry saved me so much time and stress when pivoting my venue offering. The Italian Job could not have done without HH.”
- Joseph Vargetto, Mister Bianco.

Real-time access to customer data

Should you follow the data or your instincts? With HungryHungry, you can do both. Unlike other platforms, you get exclusive access to all your data. Use it to get your sales sizzling.

Tired of slaving over complicated spreadsheets? Take back control with instant sales reports filtered by fulfilment type or by date range.

Do you know who your best customers are? Marketing guru Neil Patel says that to truly develop a “successful” marketing campaign, understanding your customers is the only thing you need to do. HungryHungry makes it easy to identify your star players by purchase frequency or average purchase amount and nurture them with a clever marketing strategy.

Track menu trends so you never run out of what’s hot right now. Compare sales data based on the time of day or day of the week to plan with confidence.

Use the SMS campaign function to remind customers that you’re open for business or to launch new menu items. Create a special discount or irresistible offer that will drive people to order from your online menu.

  • Get real-time information about your top fans.
  • Integrate with your POS or go POSless.
  • Easily download contacts for use with email platforms.
  • Get help from real people 24/7.

“Really awesome platform! This is what saved our business during Covid-19! Great support and lovely features! Thank you HungryHungry!” – Daniel D’Agostino.

Whatever your business, HungryHungry exists to get it tasted and talked about.

Our team is behind the scenes and screens 365 days a year to problem solve, troubleshoot and help your local restaurant or café rise above today’s challenges like a soufflé in a ramekin.

We’ve already served up over one million orders and counting. Ready to bring us to your party?