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Digital Payments Designed for Hospitality

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HungryPay gives your customers the option to pay their bills in any way they want without needing YOU to do the math on the spot!

The group can choose to split the bill evenly, by item or nominate how much each person will contribute.

To ensure payments are processed correctly, HungryPay will check that each customer can pay for their share first BEFORE charging anyone. 

Simply put...

Order with staff (1)

Guests order with staff

Scan a qr code (1)

Scan a QR code when they want to pay

Pay with mobile (1)

Pay the full bill or ask their friends to scan so they can split it with them

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  • Get notified instantly when guests pay

    We'll keep you up to date with our HungryPay staff app

  • Increase Tips

    HungryPay has an average of 1 in 3 payments including a tip!

  • Turn Tables quicker

    Giving customers access to pay as soon as they are ready will increase your turn over speed greatly

  • No more splitting headaches

    Stop staff being weighed down with complicated splitting requests and neglecting other guests

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