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Settle One Bill, not several.

Boost your venue's revenue potential and enhance spend per head with Group Ordering (Tabs). This innovative payment solution allows customers to conveniently pay at the end of their meal, resulting in increased average spending per customer. By implementing tabs, you ensure transparency and avoid surprises, as all funds are pre-authorised before creating tabs. Elevate your business and provide a seamless dining experience by embracing this revenue-optimising solution.

Increasing your spend per head

Our venues have witnessed a remarkable doubling of spend per head simply by offering this option, highlighting consumers' preference for this convenient feature.

Hosting any business meetings, Christmas parties, and functions

Simplify the payment process for your customers, where one person can easily settle the entire bill for the entire group at the end of their visit.

No walk-outs on unpaid tabs!

Gain peace of mind with Group Orders, as all orders are protected from the moment they are created. Customers' specified limits are pre-authorised, and tabs are automatically closed after 3 hours of inactivity since the last order was added, ensuring a smooth and secure process.

Tracking a tab's spend

Gain complete visibility and control over all tabs at your venue with the user-friendly Ready to Serve Tablet. Stay informed and effortlessly manage every aspect of your customers' tabs, ensuring efficient operations and an enhanced experience.