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Hooked Feedback

Want to really know what your customers are thinking? Let us introduce you to our newest feature, Hooked Feedback. 

With Hooked Feedback, we'll send an SMS on your behalf for your customers to complete a quick and easy survey to express their feedback!  Get started now.

We'll choose four questions for you, but some examples of those could be:

  • How was the Food and Drink out of 5? 
  • How was the Service out of 5?
  • How would you rate the QR Code Ordering?
  • Is there any additional feedback that you'd like to add? 

More details:

  • All of your feedback will be stored and provided to you so you can refer to it and see what your customers are loving - or if there are any trends you can notice and we can help to work with you on some solutions. 
  • Push for tips from customers that are fans!

Hooked Loyalty

Ever wanted to reward your customers for their loyalty or to keep customers hooked? Then, Hooked Loyalty is the answer for you! Hooked Loyalty will allow you to offer discounts to your customers via SMS based on your preferred parameters. Get started now.

Selectable options for you to choose from are the below:

  • Spend $X in one transaction, receive $Y voucher
  • Spend $X, receive Y% voucher
  • X number of transactions, receive $Y voucher
  • X number of transactions, receive Y% voucher

More details:

  • You get to select which parameters work best for you and your team.
  • We can work with you to customise the SMS wording!
  • Flexible send times: Select when the SMS is sent (we do, as always, have recommendations).