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Your own digital concierge

With the Ready to Serve Tablet, you gain instant access to every order placed in your establishment, empowering you to effortlessly oversee the entire dining experience. Seamlessly view, track, and manage orders in real-time, ensuring that each dish reaches the right table promptly and each takeaway order is ready on time. Additionally, with just a few taps you can seamlessly process refunds, manage stock levels, and keep your operating hours accurate and accessible.

Accessing features on the fly

With just a click, you can effortlessly mark items as Out of Stock or add Wait Times during busy periods, ensuring easy accessibility and prompt updates.

Keeping track of your customers

Easily track table orders, items ordered, and waiting times in one place. Identify any missing orders to proactively engage and assist the respective table for personalised recommendations or assistance.

Having a complete overview of your Group Orders

Effortlessly access all your Group Orders, whether closed or open, in a single, centralised location.

See what's popular

The Ready to Serve Tablet offers an comprehensive order summary that breaks down the total sales and quantities of each item sold.