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Guests like to know if there's a wait

When the pace picks up, notifying your guests to anticipate a delay has proven to improve customer experience during peak periods by immediately establishing their expectations. Specify the projected wait time, set it for up to 90 minutes and craft a personalised message to convey any unique information to your guests.

Happy guests

Bars and restaurants often experience busy periods, which is a natural occurrence and well understood by guests. Their primary expectation is to be informed promptly if the wait extends beyond the usual duration.

Chance to breathe

Once the expectation has been established and agreed upon prior to placing their orders, guests will no longer anxiously gaze at your staff, anticipating their orders.

Keep the drinks flowing

Leverage your custom message to inform guests that only the food preparation is experiencing delays, potentially encouraging them to order additional drinks in the meantime.

Easy to set

With our Ready to Serve tablets, accessing this feature is as simple as two clicks, ensuring instant updates to your websites.