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5 simple ways to tackle restaurant marketing

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Digital marketing has become a must-have for restaurants and cafés regardless of their size or location. Going digital builds brand awareness, improves engagement and demonstrates credibility.

With HungryHungry, sharing your culinary creations with the world is easier than you might think.

HungryHungry is far more than a contactless ordering platform that unlocks tantalising digital menus and streamlines ordering.  It’s an all in one system designed to support your restaurant marketing and promotion strategy. Read on to find out how HungryHungry can help you celebrate your brand and share it with the world.

1. Create a branded, mobile friendly website

HungryHungry makes restaurant marketing easy. We build you a stunning

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branded website that almost looks good enough to eat. Everything is fully customisable for your brand – fonts, colours, style, even the headline and hero banner.

A good website is the foundation of digital marketing for restaurants. But managing a website can be time consuming and expensive. With HungryHungry, it’s easy to switch up your style or refresh the site when you’re ready for a change without needing to pay big bucks for a web developer.

Bring your mouth-watering creations to life with a scrumptious digital menu that includes as much or as little information as you like. Want to add wine tasting notes? Chicken Parma just voted the best in town? Spread the word.

Easily manage Order@Table and Collect@Counter for dine in customers, drive-up, pickup and delivery from one place. Seamlessly customise menus
or prices for multiple locations.

Simply log in to your website “back end” for access to the user-friendly dashboard where you can change prices, add items, upload images and more.

Peking duck pancakes flying out the door? The trending feature can automatically display crowd faves or customise to shift excess stock and up-sell.

Discover some of our tasty sites at

2. Share SMS promo codes and offers to existing customers

Like the starter in a sourdough, existing customers are an essential ingredient for success and growth.

Nurturing your supportive superstars is the secret sauce to restaurant promotion. It can cost up to five times more to attract a new customer than to keep an existing one. So going the extra mile for your regulars is what makes good business..

Use HungryHungry’s built-in SMS function to turn existing customers into top fans with promo codes and irresistible offers. Everyone carries a mobile phone these days, so SMS marketing is about as direct and personal as you can get. It also activates open rates of up to 95% within 15 minutes.

Achieve better results from SMS marketing by using audience targeting tools. Apply filters based on where they live, when the customer ordered last or their total sales volume.

Entice them back with offers like 20% off pick up orders, “buy one get one free” and giveaways. Offer a discount for dining in on quiet days. Customers simply click on the link and the offer is automatically applied to their cart so they don’t have to remember or enter promo codes. .

The last thing you want to be doing is figuring out how to set up a campaign when you could be surfing the waves or playing with the kids. We’re here 24/7 to help and our promo code wizard ain’t called a wizard for nothing. It’s there to help you create magical marketing campaigns that work.

And you can even dig into your data with HungryHungry’s built-in analytics.


3. Create a personalised venue bio and experience

Spill the beans on your “why” with a unique venue bio that sits front and centre on your HungryHungry website. Use it to share a menu shoutout or even your venue’s Spotify playlist.

Sell your sizzle with an eye-catching, animated tile that alternates with your logo in the top banner of the page. It’s a great way to promote an upcoming event, special deal or last-minute offer. Designing a suite of different tiles that you can easily switch between any time.

Create a custom bio, image, title and preview information for each location. Add 'popup content' featuring a carousel of images and associated text to keep things interesting.


4. Showcase your venue to foodies
on the HungryHungry website

Working with HungryHungry is a true partnership. We invest in your success. Not only do you get your own site and direct link that you can share with the world but our website is designed for restaurant promotion, offering a free listing to venues across Australia.

Reach new audiences at You’ll be in good company with the likes of Mr Wong, Totti’s, Lune and Vaporetto.
Any restaurant or café can join our foodie showcase which encourages diners to order direct for delivery, pickup or drive-up.

More than 1500 businesses are already using HungryHungry to manage their menus, venues and more. So far, we’ve served up over a million meals and counting! We actively promote our business and yours so everyone wins.

And if you already have a restaurant website, simply create a button or link and point it to your HungryHungry page. If you’d like to mask the URL
with your own domain, we can do that too. If you get stuck, our customer care team is always on hand to help.

5. Use restaurant social media marketing to connect
with your community


Social media use in Australia is staggering. Thirteen million Australians use
Facebook each month, and nine million use Instagram. If you’re not leveraging social media, you’re missing out.

Marketing guru Neil Patel says social media has become a crucial tool for restaurant marketing. It can help build brand awareness, engage users and increase your reach.

“Restaurant social media marketing is ideal when you’re launching new dishes or promoting seasonal menu items. People enjoy novelty. In fact, studies show humans crave newness.

You can use this principle to promote special items on your menu,” Patel says.

Social media marketing for restaurants or promoting a café is easy with HungryHungry. Stay connected with your community by sharing your HungryHungry website to your social channels. Add the link to the website section of your Facebook page, Insta profile and Google My Business account.

Tantalise their taste buds with social posts featuring your most memorable food moments and add the menu link for direct ordering like Mr. Wong has done with this Facebook post.

Creating social media content for your restaurant is simple when you have access to stunning images and descriptions of every dish on offer. Use the image and description from your HungryHungry menu to plate up shareable posts that drive engagement every day.

Want to collaborate with your favourite foods and beverage brands? We can help. Get on board the #locavore movement by letting customers know you make your brekky bagel with local free-range smoked bacon and farm fresh organic eggs. Pair up your lockdown lobster with a 6-pack of local craft beer and share it proudly on your HungryHungry website and social channels. Tag local providers and add some hashtags for additional reach.

HungryHungry is a slice of heaven for restaurant owners. Designed by Hospo professionals for the Hospo industry,
we exist to see your restaurant rise above today’s challenges.

Whether you’re promoting a café or marketing a restaurant, HungryHungry centralises both ordering and marketing in an easy to use,
all-in-one platform. Book a demo today!